Anthony & Andria – Dec 2018

text message recieved the next morning

“Hi Tom, Andria and I have had a few days to let sink in what happened Thursday night and we both want to say thank u for a wonderful night for our first time ever with someone else.. Andria still cannot believe how nice it was and how much at ease U made her feel. So once again thank u from both of us especially Andria..

End text

Lily – May 2018

Tom has filled a void in my life and I have never regretted the day that I picked up the phone and called him.

As a 40 year old woman with a healthy sexual appetite and a peaking libido I wanted sex. Great sex. I had no interest in hooking up through dating apps and a friend suggested I hire an escort so I could have great sex whilst being safe. That’s when I got online and found Tom’s website.

When I met Tom I was immediately attracted to him as he’s very handsome, but the moment he started massaging me I felt instant sexual chemistry.

For a long time I was so sexually frustrated as I’d been unable to find a man with the staying power to satisfy me, but Tom does. He is an amazing lover and with him I enjoy multiple orgasms every time and he has also made me squirt which is something I never thought was possible.

The orgasms I experience with him are so intense as he hits my G-spot in a way that no man has ever done before, they make my entire body spasm, they last a really long time and they physically take my breath away. I didn’t realise that I could orgasm as much as I can…until I met Tom.

Tom is so giving and attentive to my needs that at the end of our time together I always feel a bit selfish and greedy for having received so much and given back so little. He is also non-judgemental so I’m very comfortable asking him to help me fulfil my fantasies, and I have quite a few! And did I mention the oral sex? Wow. His tongue will make you whimper and your eyes roll back in your head.

I enjoy every minute I spend with Tom. He is sexy, funny and he puts every lover I ever had before him to shame.

Jacquie & John – November 2014


It’s been a while since we caught up, but having had the chance to explore my boundaries since I first met you, I thought it was about time I sat down penned my thoughts on how I started on my journey.

Firstly I wanted to say “Wow – thank you for opening my eyes”.    Whilst it’s now been six months since our first session with you in May, it seems like only yesterday as the memories are so vivid and fresh.  I have now enjoyed a number of new experiences all down to the fact that you “broke the ice, and for that I thank you.  Sometimes it’s still hard to believe that I have finally been with men, but I am so glad my first such experience was with you.

I was such a bundle of nerves leading into that first evening back in May, but you were absolutely wonderful at making me feel at ease.  From the moment we first met in the lobby bar, until the end of the evening you knew exactly what to say, and what to do, to ensure that I was comfortable – you made sure the experience was one I would never forget.

John also confessed to me afterwards that he was as nervous as me, and he is so impressed how you ensured that we both got as much as we could from the evening.

When we first contacted you, John and I were both stuck by how similar Gary and Sophie’s story is to ours – me a virgin when I first met John, and he being my only experience until that wonderful Saturday evening in early May.

Whilst John has had other partners before we met, it was long been a fantasy of his to watch me with another man – we have gone down a few paths in search of making this a reality (after all when he talks about it whilst we are making love it is an incredible turn-on).  However our previous efforts had been frustrating – not just with us going down the wrong rabbit hole, but also my extreme nervousness, including crying off on one occasion at the last moment.

You were everything your website promised – and more. You were so considerate, caring, and most of all a wonderful lover – thank you for helping me let go of my inhibitions.  I’m hooked!  I remember John and I got dressed after you left and we went for a cocktail to help unwind but back in our room, the thoughts of what you had done for me earlier in the evening were a real turn on and John and I had a fantastic session into the small hours of the morning.  We talked about our shared experience and both agreed we wanted to try seconds (I am so relieved that unlike Oliver Twist’s Beadle you haven’t refused).

Unfortunately the tyranny of distance from Adelaide to Sydney means I can’t visit you as often as I want to but we’re so glad we were able to catch up again in July!  I’m looking forward to my next trip to Sydney, which, unfortunately isn’t likely to be until some time next year.  It’s fair to say, you have unleashed a monster (J) and I am now happy to explore this new experience – thanks to you I can do this.

Tom – thank you again from a very grateful (and exhausted) Jacquie.


Oh – and by the way did I mention you have lovely eyes…  J


To Tom

Hi Tom,

It’s Cathy. We had a date a couple of weeks ago at The Sebel in Surry Hills.

I just wanted to thank you again for a perfect evening. I was going through a fair bit of emotional turmoil the night we met ( which I didn’t want to bore you with ) but the time I spent with you was very therapeutic and I returned home refreshed and relaxed. It was just what I needed.

You put me at ease within minutes of meeting, and while I wasn’t able to completely relax and lose myself in the moment ( due to personal circumstances and nothing to do with you ), I can’t wait to repeat the experience. The nervousness won’t be present next time … just a highly anticipated couple of hours enjoying your wonderful company and gorgeous body. You are everything you promise on your website, and more.
I’ll be in touch soon to organise another meeting.

Your new regular, Cathy x

To Cathy

Hello Cathy

that’s a lovely email

do you mind if I used that in my testimonials if I change your name to Cathy

To Tom

Hi Tom, I don’t mind at all, but I could write a better testimonial if you’d like me to?

To Cathy

that is great as it is.. it sounds natural

looking forward to seeing you again

Sophie & Gary ( couple ) – Jan 2014

Testimonial For Tom

We are a couple who have been together for more than 30 years; I was a virgin when I first met my husband and have not had another man. My husband wanted to enhance our marriage, and kept asking me to explore a threesome. I was really nervous and apprehensive about this, having never done anything like that before. After a lot of talk and worry we decided to put some excitement and spice back into our lives, so we set about trying to find someone who could make me feel comfortable enough to have sex with. We searched the net and had two false starts with men who were not up to the standard that we required. It has taken me two years to build up enough courage to try again.

I visited Tom’s web site and from the start found it to be very professional and raised my interest. I showed my husband and he agreed that Tom maybe what we were looking for, third time lucky. Gary rang Tom and found he was educated and well spoken. Gary outlined to Tom we had been looking for someone, and were not impressed with the two meetings we had previously encountered. Tom suggested that we meet before deciding to go any further. He also sent through some pictures of himself, I was very impressed and found Tom very attractive.

We meet Tom the next night in the bar of our Hotel. Tom was very well groomed and dressed and it surprised me just how normal he was, totally not what I expected in a male escort. We sat in the bar for a while and had a drink, I found myself talking with Tom like I had known him for years. I also remember thinking to myself how handsome Tom was and how attracted I was to him. Tom made us both feel very comfortable and at ease, he told me that I was in control and called the shots that night. We went to our room and it was wonderful, Tom was a true gentleman with a charming personality so tender and gentle. To start off with he undressed me and caressed my body in a way that made me melt. My husband joined in and I could not believe the feelings running through my body. Tom and I then had sex for what seemed like an eternity. He asked me what I wanted and was gentle when required and quite the athlete at the right times. My husband and I have always had a great sex life but this was amazing. Tom has an amazing tongue, a very talented man. After such a beautiful experience the three of us laid on the bed and talked. I remember just sitting next to Tom and stroking his beautiful body until it was time for him to go.

After Tom left Gary and I had amazing sex, spoke about the night what an experience! We have not been the same since. It’s put the excitement back of being young lovers all over again. Our sex life has improved out of sight; it is the best thing that we have done to bring us closer together.

We have been with Tom another two times over the last weeks and each time is better than the one before. If any woman or couple is looking for excitement and fulfillment in their relationship, I would highly recommend Tom. Believe me forget about others you may find on the net, I know we have tried; Tom is everything you have fantasied about and more, exceeding all expectations.

Sophie and Gary 

Elizabeth – May 2013

My date with Tom Male Escort from Sydney

High on my list of things to do before I die was to make a date with a male escort. I finally got up the courage to make that date a couple of weeks ago. My journey began by logging onto my computer and searching for male escorts in Sydney. Once I filtered out gay male escorts and very young ones, I came up with a list to take a closer look at. In Sydney you are spoiled for choice with male escorts. Most work for some sort of agency but I came across a few independent male escorts which was more what I was looking for. Being a married woman in her 40’s I did not really feel comfortable making a date with one of the many younger men who openly displayed photo’s of their gym toned bodies on their websites. Some even had on display their tools of the trade. Then I came across the website and I was very impressed with how professional Tom sounded. His website had lots of information including a FAQ page and even had an email address to contact him. Tom is 45 years old and working as a male escort is not his primary job. He is a businessman and enjoys coaching a professional sporting team as well. I felt a connection with Tom. I was feeling brave so I sent Tom an email. I explained a bit about myself and I asked Tom to send me a photo.
Within a few hours I had a lovely email from Tom with a couple of photo’s. I was very impressed how normal and handsome Tom looked. I knew there and then that Tom was my perfect choice. Because I had never done anything like this before Tom suggested I book a 2 and a half hour date with him. The first half hour is meet and greet to make sure you feel comfortable with him. Tom was happy for us to exchange emails and I confirmed the date with him. Over the next 3 weeks we exchanged emails and I felt very comfortable but obviously nervous about my decision to make a date with Tom.

Finally my weekend in Sydney arrived and Tom texted me on Saturday afternoon to confirm our 8pm date. I confirmed the hotel where I was staying and I was looking forward to finally meeting Tom. I spend the next few hours getting ready for my date and the closer it got to 8pm the more nervous I became. Tom rang me when he arrived at my hotel and I went downstairs to meet him. Tom greeted me with a kiss on the cheek and we went up to my room. Tom was dressed neat casual and looked very handsome. The first thing I noticed was Tom’s beautiful blue eyes. I am a sucker for blue eyes. Once inside my hotel room Tom took off his jacket and we sat on the couch and started chatting. I was very nervous but then Tom started stroking my hand and we chatted for a while. I was feeling very comfortable sitting there with him. Tom is well educated and intelligent and we had a nice chat. I definitely felt a physical attraction to Tom. After we chatted for a while Tom kissed me and it was very nice indeed. I was nervous about Tom seeing me naked but was also very excited about being intimate with Tom. We kissed more intensely and then made our way to the bed. We were both very aroused and I could feel my heart beating fast. Tom said we had too many clothes on so we both took off our clothes. I was very impressed with Tom’s body. He did not look like a gym junkie but obviously looks after his body. Once on the bed we began kissing intensely and I felt my hands wanting to touch Tom’s body. Tom made the comment that I was very sensual and I did enjoy touching Tom. We then began what would be nearly 2 hours of great sex. The hotel where I was staying in the city happened to be near where there were fireworks going off outside and there was definitely fireworks going off in the bedroom too. Tom is a very responsive and giving lover and he makes the experience all about you. He asked me what I wanted and he was gentle and considerate but also not so gentle when I didn’t want him to be. I lost count of the number of orgasms that I had that night. We enjoyed sex many times and the experience was way beyond what I had expected. Tom is also very good with his mouth and tongue. After the fantastic sex we lay on the bed and chatted about our lives and travel stories as we both love travelling. Tom even gave me a gentle massage and it was lovely. Tom then headed off to have a shower and got dressed. I too got dressed and we shared one last kiss before he left. After he left I sent Tom a text and thanked him for an unforgettable night. I had a great nights sleep that night. Once I returned home from my weekend in Sydney, I decided that even though my date with a male escort was meant to be a once only event, I had such a wonderful and pleasurable experience that I have already contacted Tom and made another date with him when I am in Sydney again in a few weeks time. One night with Tom is definitely not enough. I would have to say my experience of a date with Tom is something that I would recommend to any woman who is thinking of making a date with a male escort in Sydney. You most definitely will enjoy yourself and be left with a big smile on your face!!

Mel & Tony – April 2013

( Source – Private Companion )

We booked Tom for a massage for my partner and more. Tom was a gentleman, took things at a pace we needed which ended up exceeding all our expectations. Mel wants to say she is one very happy customer, job well done. We will be seeing you again soon.

Gina ( London ) – May 2014

Tom is THE Ultimate Escort!


He delivers whatever it is you seek in a highly professional super individual charismatic discreet way that only HE can.

Your wish is his gift to you.

He will without doubt exceed your highest expectations on every level possible

Whether you require Tom purely to accompany you to an event or much more Tom will not disappoint.

Ladies,Don’t hesitate because if you do regret will be the only result.

You will never get better value on anything else,trust me,I know!

Book ahead to avoid disappointment and guarantee a satisfying service!



Bella – November 2012

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As promised, I am giving you a glowing review this morning. From the time you entered my house, you made me feel instantly comfortable, I think it was a combination of your good looks and charm.. You certainly mad last night all about me, and I feel a little guilty this morning that I did nothing for you.

Having … never done anything like that before, I certainly would do it again and you will hear from me in the future. You did more for me in 3 hours than I have ever had from my ex or boyfriends.

This morning I feel fantastic, thankyou once again. I hope you dont get so busy, that you forget your regular clients.