Male Escort Service for Women with Disabilities

Update . Covid Restrictions are lifting and I have started taking bookings from the 1st June. 

Tom provides a Male escort disability service for women and couples.

I have had extensive experience with women and couples in situations with either women or their partners with disabilities. I have the clear understanding that everyone has the need for that intimacy form the touch and feel of another person.

Ones disability does not change that need or desire. That desire for intimacy, companionship, to touch someone of the opposite sex is a natural desire in all of us. I can offer a range of services for your needs, These may include;

  • Companionship / dating with intimacy, kissing and touching
  • Sensual / erotic massage and or touching of each other
  • More erotic massage and sexual interaction between us both

The best way to discuss the service you are looking for is to email or phone me to discuss your situation.. Do not be afraid to ask me and discuss the disability that may concern you. If you want you can also discuss you situation with an external providers such as Touching Base

Some further questions that you may have, may be answered for you on my FAQ page

Couples Service

Over the years I have seen and continue to see Couples with a range of issues, including the male partner no longer able to perform, but the female is still sexually active, or the female has a disability and the partner wants or both want his partner to experience other fantasies.

My Contact details are


Mobile: 0468 496 685