rent a gent

Hello, I am Tom, a premium quality Male Companion / Escort service for Women and Couples. I Provide quality male companionship for dinner dates or a partner for special occasions, and or provide a sensual or erotic massage service.

Good manners and respect are paramount to me and I have been an escort for more than 15 years. This has demonstrated in both my professional life and as working as an escort.

When you first meet me, you may feel some initial fear or trepidation, however that will disappear immediately upon meeting me.


Contrary to common misconceptions, working as a male escort is not about getting plenty of sex. It takes an exceptional man to cater to women at this level. An elite male escort is expected to be whatever is required at any given moment (within reason of course) – this is very often everything BUT sex. As we know, arousal of the mind precedes the sexual act.

Mt  testimonials are from real couples and ladies over the past few years, you won’t be disappointed. all you need to do is simply contact me.

My website is detailed and will answer all your questions, otherwise you contact Tom via email or phone for further information. All of my other escorts are easily contactable via the phone.

I am reliable, confident, charming, polite, trustworthy, friendly and sophisticated. Apart from these qualities, his service is always discreet – consequently its naturally expected in a position of trust.

Often people fantasize about the idea of hiring a male escort, consequently taking that first step can sometimes feel like a huge hurdle. Your not alone in this feeling and many before you have had similar initial fears.

You may have noticed many articles written about women seeking male escorts, like an article written by Rose Russo or Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore  or even some of my blogs which can help you through this journey.


I am a independent straight male escort ( I do not cater to gentlemen). A professional male escort will always ensure his partner is having a good time, left deeply satisfied and wearing a smile. Tom enjoys eating out, theatre, musicals, jazz concerts, Cafe’s and restaurants.  If you want something more intimate, Tom can provide a sensual and or erotic massage, catering for individual desires and fantasies. Creating a memorable and exhilarating experience, just for you.

I am committed to providing the best possible experience for women looking for decent and engaging male companionship. Whilst the internet provide any number of male companions, I am not an escort agency. You can talk directly to me.  The is no need to talk to third party agent about the experience you are looking for.