I am not currently taking on any new escorts at the moment so please don’t call or email

Here is how I got started, and what I was looking for :
I was extremely lucky when I started out. At the time my girl friend was an escort and she encouraged me to become one also.
But before you consider becoming an escort, make sure you doing it for the rite reason. I have listed below some golden rules and hard facts about being an male escort;
  1. Don’t go into thinking its all about sex. Every time I meet someone, I invest time getting to know them and visa versa. Its about your client and most importantly they must feel relaxed, comfortable and safe apart from being attracted to their escort. You must be a gentleman at all times.
  2. If you are married or attached, you must be open with your immediate partner and have them approve of what you are doing. Male escorts that are married or attached are more reliable stable escorts with no hiding secrets from their respective partners. If you keep it a secret, you will let your client and me down.
  3. Looks & Appearance : Of course looks are important but here are some other basic criteria;
    • Tattoos – I have never been asked for an escort with tattoo’s. I have been asked if I have any, however most women prefer men without tattoos. Some younger women don’t mind some Tattoos, however more than often older women do not. If you are heavily tattooed your unlikely to get a lot of work.
    • Facial Hair – As for tattoo’s I have never been asked for an escort who has facial hair. Clients always prefer clean shaven. However a neatly trimmed beard is fine. However remember clean shaven seems to be a preference for the majority of women
    • Smoking – If your a smoker, then its time to quit.
    • Body Hair – preference for trimmed hair with genital areas being shaved or waxed.
    • Drug use – Not tolerated – its not for my clients.
  4. STD’s – You will need to have monthly tests that will be available to clients on my website. This is a critical demonstration of trust.
  5. Every person is your client – You cannot pick and choose your clients. You have to have a genuine respect and love of all women.
  6. Couples are 50 % of my work, but that does not mean that you have to be bisexual. Its all about the woman in those circumstances. Couples work can be categorized into three type of client;
    • voyeurism – where the male partner just wants to watch his partner being pleasured.
    • Medical reasons – The partner is no longer capable of performing and either watches or wants you to pleasure his wife.
    • Swingers – Couples that are experimenting with the idea of threesomes or maybe seasoned swingers who need a man who can perform on the night.

Guys. Just don’t send me an email saying ” I am hung like a horse and good looking and looking for a job ” . You must send me an impressive comprehensive resume together with facial pictures.