Zebras and Giraffes

( Real life storey – Written by D )

They were contrasting men, yet very similar in attitudes. T is clean-shaven, smooth bodied with super sexy blue eyes and a boyish grin. N is tall, rough, roguish with facial hair and dark demonic eyes. She had enjoyed many sexy times individually with both of these men. She couldn’t help but fantasize what it will be like to have them both ravage her at the same time!

Time to make it happen! She messaged them about it, first individually. With positive responses, there was a week or so of group chat to set the scene. She described her vision, a sensual but filthy fantasy. “Greedy girl” they’d say, knowing intuitively exactly what she wanted.

The date was set. Venue and wine sorted. Saturday 7pm. She was excited! She chose a long black button up, figure hugging dress (with zebras and giraffes printed which felt strangely appropriate!), a lacy black G-string and no bra.

It wasn’t long past 7pm she was lying across on the lounge when the buttons of her dress came undone. N started teasing her nipples while kissing her passionately and T slid the g-string down and kissed her nether lips. Bliss!!

Naked and heavily aroused, she moved to the bed. The men undressed. Nude and erect, they surrounded her. T’s cock in her mouth while N penetrated her pussy. Then they flipped her, on her back, on her front, to one side, legs up, legs down…they switched, taking turns, it flowed.

T fucked her and feeling her g spot swelling, he shook his cock at the entrance of her pussy; a signature move that makes her squirt in orgasm. Meanwhile N held her by her hair and pushed his cock down her throat. She choked and spluttered around N’s cock at the same time she was squirting over T’s. Wet, wet, wet. Soon N was in her arse, lifting her legs higher. Deeper and deeper he pushed. T rubbed her clit, all of which took her on another orgasmic explosion.

She rode T in reverse cowgirl while N fucked her face. She took N in her arse sitting on top, facing him, her breasts in his hands. His cock stretched her tight little butt hole. She had control but she wanted N to take over. He did, parting her cheeks with both hands and fucking her arse balls deep, ending with him slapping her cheeks to a drumming finale. All caught on video by T!

She loved it all, enjoyed every fucking moment. Of course no threesome is complete without getting both her holes stuffed simultaneously. Then it happened, both cocks entered her pussy and arse. It was sensation overloaded. All her zones were throbbing, juices squeezing out. Hands groped her breasts, lips sucked and fingers pinched her nipples. She got spanks and deep sensual kisses. They fucked her at all angles, pounding her holes, sending her yet again into climax. How many times they swapped and exactly who fucked which hole and when, she honestly cannot remember. She remembers just the state of ecstasy. Her whole body awakened. She squirted so many times and they smothered her breasts in her own juices and theirs.

Lying on her back, breathing deeply, she looked up to an erotic sight; the faces of the two men who pleasured her, hovering over her, smiling down on her, pleased with the effects they have had on her.

She fell asleep, exhausted but an empowered woman.

Based on an experience shared with Sydney’s own “TomJones” and a deliciously chunky “Meat_Pie”

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