Hens Party / Topless Male Stripper / Group Erotic Massage

Massage Hens Party Pack – $ 95 per hour – Min 3 hours

A minimum 3 hour Hens party package for which Tom will provide you and your friends with a normal sensual and or an erotic massage for you and your guests in the privacy of your home or hotel. f you book a hotel, I recommend that you have a spare room so I can provide a massage for all in private. It’s a great way to end of an evening out, with everyone receiving a private massage.

I recommend a sensual massage, especially if you’re not exactly sure what you are after or anyone else. I offer the most relaxing and rejuvenating massage. I will start from you head working through to your toes, deep tissue or light massage, depending upon your request.

A sensual massage will means that I will massage and tease around your erogenous zones. You may elect to wear undergarments or not. There is no sex involved. As your masseur, you can request me to be clothed or nothing at all. You can always upgrade to a more erotic massage during the course of your sensual massage should you be feeling comfortable with me and or feeling slightly aroused by my sensual touch.

With all my massages, I arrive with a professional massage table ( this may not be possible in some hotel establishments ), towels, oils, candles and more. You need not need to provide anything. For any other questions you can initially refer to my FAQ page.

I do recommend that providing additional towels for me if possible, as I usually will only bring 2 or 3 with me with my mobile massage table. I Also bring oils, candles and everything else that may be needed.

I often get asked what is the best way or what can be organised for a group of ladies, that are not sure how everyone will react, pressures placed on other ladies etc.. I recommend if you have booked an apartment or Hotel, you have a second or separated bedroom. I have in the past set up my massage table in that room, then provide massages one at a time in the privacy of that room. What type of massage one receives remains confidential between me and each lady. While one is receiving a massage, the  others can enjoys drinks outside. I usually would allow 30 mins for each lady, no matter why type of passage.

Hire a Driver ( Boat Captain or Chauffeur or Motorcycle ) $ 75 per hour – Min 4 hours

I am the holder of a boat and Powered watercraft licence, drivers license and riders licence, and have provided transport, chauffeur and butler services for parties in the past. maybe your looking for a host on your next day out on the boat.

Hire a Hubby ( House Duties ) – Starting from $ 50 per hour – Min 4 hours

Some women love seeing a man cleaning and or getting dirty, doing those normal general duties around the house. I will arrive at your house, equipped for what ever the task. Be sure to advise me if you having anything that will require me to bring any tools. For cleaning and gardening, It would be preferred if you can provide your own equipment. For safety reasons, such tasks as gardening and general handyman activities I will need to wear safety clothing, however for any other light duties you can dress me down or up to you pleasure. The rate includes any sensual or erotic massages that may be requested during the course of my work.

For further information you can refer to my page dedicated to nude cleaning services.

Email: tom@sydneyescortforladies.com

Mobile: 0468 496 685