Hiring a man for Dinner

In this day and age, women are finding life ever so more complicated, busy and are often time poor. So its not a surprise I have seen a surge in the amount of single women that prefer to hire a man for a dinner date than hit Tinder or any other social apps.

So what type of women use my service ?.  Usually its women that are self employed or industry professionals, time poor, living very busy work and social life, or perhaps on a trip away. What ever the occasion, women have the same needs and sometimes looks towards a hire male companion to accompany them to a dinner, function or any other event.

I have also found a lot of single mums often use my service, especially those so time poor and have no means of socialising and meeting a man. If the opportunity arises for time without kids, it often convenient to hire a male escort that you know is reliable and will turn up and guarantee you an fabulous evening.

An initial drink, with no obligations, followed by dinner can be a rewarding experience. sex does not have to be involved. ( Below is some questions I often get asked about hiring Tom for dinner )

But the question gets asked, what if we are seen in public, what If i meet people I know or I am at a function, how do I introduce my date ??. These are very common concerns and I have a tried and tested response, should anyone ask ” so how do you know Tom ?

I often respond with this;

” My date and I are both beneficiaries of a self managed superannuation fund which holds an investment property, of which both myself and my date are trustees of. We had just met up today to sign off the accounts with our accountant and though dinner together would be a good thing. “

Most people never question your intentions after that, its all seems totally above board, no embarrassing questions about us.

I have accompanied some clients at private functions and have always conversed with others in a way that never reveals my true identity or embarrass you in any way. If you want to learn more about what I charge and availability, go to my contact page or rate & services page


FAQ – Dinner date / Companion

Q. If we meet what happens if I don’t wont to continue after 45 mins ?

A. I allow 45 min meet and greet at a flag fall cost of $ 50.. If you wish not to continue, that is all that happens and the evening ends. No more to pay.

Q. If I like you and we get on well together, what if I want more time or change the booking ?

A. When I make a booking in an evening, I don’t take on other bookings. For the simple reason because often people may change the booking from a dinner / date booking to a longer evening, dinner date and massage or even an over night stay. The rate sill stay the same as our dinner date rate except when the booking moves onto a massage, then I charge $ 100 for the hour from that point. So you can make up your mind on the night.

Q. At home dinner date – Will you cook for me?

A. I am no chef, but I am the perfect host and very handy in the kitchen. I enjoy the company and conversation and its sometimes a nice change to a restaurant.

Q. If we go to a restaurant, who pays ?

A. You will pay for all expenses, however especially with some of my regular dates, I will drive you, escort you and pay for dinner if agreed but will be reimbursed by you later in the evening.

Q. Can we just have drinks and talk ?

A. Yes. that is often the best way for both of us to get to know one another.

Q. I need you to wear special attire when we meet

A. If you need me to wear a suite of black tie, I need some notice. 5 days is usually all I need as I may have by suite in Qld or Sydney and will need to organise it for my location of our meet.

Q. Will you just come to my place for a drink, or a coffee shop ?

A. Yes, I am happy to visit you at home or coffee shop. We can just talk initially if you wish. Note my flag fall of $ 50 still applies.

Q. My wife is travelling and I need a professional to look after my wife but its a surprise ?

A. Yes, I have had this before, however, I will never enter into a situation where your wife / partner is trapped. You will have to disclose to your partner before or during the meet who I am and what service I am providing. There must be full consent of both partners if the male partner has booked me.


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