Hire a Man for Dinner or more

In this day and age, women are finding life ever so more complicated and busy and are often time poor. So its not a surprise I have seen a surge in the amount of single women ( or for that matter, married women ) that prefer to hire a man for a dinner partner / date than scrolling social media apps for a male companion.

So what type of women use my service ?.  Usually its women that are self employed and time poor, living very busy work and social life, and sometimes on that trip away, women just want someone to accompany them to a dinner, function or other event.

Single mums often use my service, especially those so time poor and have no means of socialising and meeting a man.

A lot of women find it difficult out there to meet the guy that they see a future with, so an escort sometimes fills that desire and simplifies life, no need to go through the usual dating seen. Ypu can read more on my blog

An initial drink, with no obligations, followed by dinner can be a rewarding experience. Sex does not have to be involved. Take things at a pace that you feel comfortable with. Once you get to know me as a person, you may feel more secure and safe with our meeting. Remember you are the one in control, not me.

Often I get the question asked, ” what if we are seen in public ?, what If I meet people I know or I am at a function, how do I introduce my date ??. These are very common concerns and I have a tried and tested response, should anyone ask ” so how do you know Tom ?

I often respond with this;

” My date and I are both beneficiaries of a self managed superannuation fund which holds an investment property, of which both myself and my date are trustees of. We had just met up today to sign off the accounts with our accountant and though dinner together would be a good thing. “

Most people never question your intentions after that, its all seems totally above board, no embarrassing questions about us.

I have accompanied some clients at private functions and have always conversed with others in a way that never reveals my true identity or embarrass you in any way.

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