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Update . Covid Restrictions are lifting and I have started taking bookings from the 1st June. 

Tom Jones, Gold Coast Male Escort for Women is one of Australia’s premium straight independent male escorts available on the Gold Coast, Brisbane, and Sydney. A premium quality service for sophisticated Women and Couples  providing companionship, Chaperone service , and or  indulge yourself with a sensual and or erotic intimate massage, or perhaps a more intimate sexual experience.

Good manners and respect are paramount to me who has now been an escort for more than 17 years. This is demonstrated in both my professional career in business and my other life as professional male escort.

When you first meet me, you may have feelings of trepidation mixed with the emotions of excitement, fantasy and arousal. However soon after meeting me, the trepidation will dissipate, and you will start to feel more comfortable with me. Feeling safe and secure with any escort is paramount to continuing with any type or service.


Contrary to the common misconception, working as a male escort is not about getting plenty of sex. It takes an exceptional man to cater to women as a male escort, arousal of the mind precedes the sexual act itself. An obvious fact recognised by women, but something still illusive and foreign to so many men in society.

Being a good listener is probably something I have been exceptional at, and I can easily connect, communicate with women naturally. Humour and Laughter between us is important as much as is the physical attraction you should have towards me. All of these are vital to make you feel comfortable, safe and secure with me.

Typically for women using my service for the first time, I offer an initial meet and greet package, which involves an 3/4 hour introduction over a coffee or drink. There is a $ 50 minimum flag fall fee for this meetup. After which you can proceed further, make another date or walk away or continue with what ever you desire. If you continue with my service, you only pay the listed fee as shown on my rates page which includes this introduction fee.

You can read more from my past clients. My  testimonials are from real women & couples who I have seen over the past 17 years. Maybe you don’t know why your looking or what your reel fantasy is. Some of my Blogs may help

What ever the service you are looking for, you will not be disappointed. all you need to do is simply contact me via email, text, messenger, any other social media platform you feel comfortable with.

My website is detailed and will answer all your questions, otherwise dony be shy to explain you situation or desires via email.

I am reliable, confident, charming, polite, trustworthy, friendly and sophisticated. Apart from these qualities, his service is always discreet – which is naturally expected in such a position of trust.

You may have noticed many articles written about women seeking male escorts, like an article written by Rose Russo or Clarissa Sebag-Montefiore  or even some of my blogs which can help you through this journey.

So why do women choose to use a male escort ? You can see some of the reasons on my Blog on the topic, however if you have made up your mind, here are some things to consider.

If you not sure what to ask for or even not sure about making that initial contact, can I suggest that you read my website thoroughly, together with my related articles blogs and testimonials. I then suggest my meet and greet package for $ 350. This includes a none refundable $ 50.00,  45 minute initial meet and greet, after which you may continue with my service for another 2 hours or set it for another date.

It also about making you feel safe and secure with me before you decide to take the next step.


I recommend we meet in a bar, cafe, hotel lobby bars are often the quietest, or it could be in a coffee shop during the day or evening. At this stage the only commitment you have made is for a minimum call out fee of $ 50, where we can talk and you can get a better feel for me.

The advantage of this is that you are under no obligation to go any further. However after 45 minutes you should have a better feel for me and if your comfortable to continue to the next stage.

You don’t have to continue to the next stage there and then, you can make another date for a definite booking, however if you want, you can proceed with the whole package there and then.

I always recommend that you only proceed if you are attracted and feel safe and comfortable with me. You have total control.. At this stage you can also feel free to discuss what you may be looking for. I usually let these meetings extend to say 2 hours, after that I do charge and hourly rate of $ 75 per hour.

A sensual massage is massage where I will massage you naked or if you wish partially clothed and I will give you a full body massage and also tease around your erogenous zone   but there is no oral sex from me on you or penetration by my fingers or penis. An erotic Massage includes a sensual massage but also includes sexual intercourse.


Tom Jones is a Sydney / Gold Coast Male Escort also available for Hens Parties, threesome’s  for couples , swingers and any other reasonable requested services that have been asked in the past. Tom is also available for cleaning, gardening and pool services.

Tom is an independent straight male escort for women only ( I do not cater for men ).

Whilst the internet provides any number of male companions, I am not an agency, or a paid escort web directory. You can talk directly to the male companion of your choice.  There is no need to talk through a third party agent about the experience you are seeking.

Availability : Tom is usually available in Sydney Tuesdays through to Friday Nights & on the Gold Coast on Friday / Saturday / Sunday / Monday days or nights. Other nights are available with advance notice


Mobile: 0468 496 685