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The Beach

The Beach

Thankyou for the day on the beach, I really enjoyed it. Maybe we could be “naughtier” next time…lol.

Ok story time. ..

We meet in the carpark, the cool breeze is refreshing against my skin.

I see you pull up.

I hang up my phone, and you have my full attention… all I am thinking to myself is how much I want you, and my underwear is already wet just thinking of it…

As we walk down the track I reminisce on the last time we were here.

We walk down the track, chatting as we go, you telling me about your past and teasing me a little bit, you had no idea how much I wanted to do you in the bush, like you had warned me about, but pushing boundries is what I do.

We kept walking. My pussy getting wetter, just thinking about having you when we get to the beach.

We got to the beach, and we both were a little disappointed that there weren’t too many people there, you did assure me that it was still early…

We started to strip off, little did you know I was watching you take every piece of clothing off…

OMG your arse… it is gorgeous. Fuck I wanted you, all of you. But you were wanting to cool down in the ocean first.

So after a reassuring kiss that we will get to what I wanted, we went for a swim.

Once we were refreshed from our swim, we lied down on the blanket,  you wanted to get to my throbbing pussy, but I had other ideas, I forcefully told you to lie down on your back. , as the sun was in your eyes, you closed them, which was an advantage for me, as you wouldn’t know what I was going to do with my mouth and tongue.   .  I leant over   slightly to get something out of a bag, you must have thought what is she doing until I wrapped my moist cold lips around your dick, you moaned instantly when you realised I had a piece of ice in my mouth., sliding my mouth up and down you and using my tongue to hit that sensitive spot on you, on the underside of your dick, just below the crown.  I love the feel of your eager dick in my mouth, the feel, the taste. I feel you move, so I remove my mouth and then use my hand to caress you, my thumb and pointer finger on both hands grabbing you in the middle of your dick, and sliding in opposite directions, this gives you different sensations.

I needed you inside of me so I straddle your legs and position your erect cock, ready to slide inside me.  Teasing you little by little until you were fully inside of me…I  flex my bum one cheek at a time, so your cock is tossed from side to side of my pussy.. I was so wet it was easy to move along you shaft, taking you deeper and then teasing just the tip…  me squeezing your nipples just hard  enough.

You throw  me over so you could be now on top , as I wrap my legs around you waist and raise my hips eagerly for you to enter me again. I groan with pleasure.

You glanced around and you spotted movement Guys watching us from the beach and the bushes behind us. Not only were they watching but also masturbating. This was a turn on, knowing I had the hottest guy on the beach, making love to you with the warm sun shining on us, and guys masturbating over it…

So I pulled you in closer and wrapped my egs around you even tighter, so I could feel all of you on me…  You thrust deep inside of me a few more times and then you pulled out and came over my still erect breasts and stomach…

Sitting have a glass of wine and some fruit, and after our discussions on the way down the track, I had an idea,

As we reached the beach I stopped reminiscing about our last time and looked eagerly towards what the day would bring .my pussy moist and throbbing with excitement.

Lying down together on the blanket, I whisper in your ear, I love the feel of your skin on mine, your tongue, your dick, rubbing on me. I love everything that you do to me, it gets me so wet.  You give me that cheeky grin… Even though you are sometimes a little bit scared to try different things to take me out of my comfort zone as you aren’t sure how I will react. I see a glint in your eye.

You asked if you could blind fold me, something I’m not use to, but the sparkle in your eyes, and the trust I have in you, I agree.

You said honey I want to eat your pussy, I spread my legs eagerly for what you were about to do… and OMG I wasn’t expecting what I got, I groaned as it was different to what you normally do, I struggled out a whisper, you have changed the way you normally do it… all you can do was say mmmm hmmmm. A smirk crossed my face that you knew what I needed and how…

With me being blind folded and not sure what you will do next, you slid up my body, and kissed me, sofly , but passionately, knowing that you have complete control over me, and the excitement that this brings you, as you know I have never let anyone have this control over me before.

I feel your had cock twitch against my skin, and I encouragingly move my his so I could have you inside me.  Stop being so eager you say, you’re now mine. Relax and enjoy.

I relax knowing that I am in for a treat, you tease the entrance of my wet and needy pussy with the tip of your cock, aahhhh I say “TOM Please can I have you inside me. I need you inside me.”

I feel you move back of me , and I say” no no you can’t stop”, you just giggle , and I wonder to myself what are you going to do and  if I can keep this blind fold on and let you possess me in ways I have never let before…

I feel cool hands run up my body and play with my nipples squeezing just a little bit firmer than I like, this brings a smile to my face, as you are trying to take me to a different level.

I can feel you moving around me shifting your position as you touch me in new and different ways, each touch pleasantly surprising me with the sensation of blind anticipation. My blindfold has me completely in the dark, so my body and my mind are trying to anticipate where and how you will touch me next.

I can feel my whole body starting to eagerly await the contact with your skin, loving the feel of your body parts as they rub against me. I can feel the warm touch of your tongue tracing around my nipples traveling down along my stomach around my navel and my hips move slightly with the anticipation of your tongue sliding further down to my moist pussy.

I am amazed by the way I can feel you more intensely as my body reacts to my lack of sight, this is sending me into a new level of sexual arousal, each contact with you making me more eager for your next touch.

My mind races into confusion as your touch seems to be everywhere at once, yet I know you can only be touching one or two places at a time. This sends me into deeper arousal and I am longer for you to stop teasing me with your touch and let your dick finally enter my aching pussy.

You sense my heavy breathing and understanding my need, you firmly roll me on to my stomach and draw my hips up so that I am now on my knees with my head resting on my hands on the blanket. You pull my hips back slightly and I can feel the very tip of your dick starting to trace lines around the back of my thighs and over my glutes.

I gasp in anticipation and desire as I feel your dick slide against my now very wet pussy lips and I try to push back so you enter me, but you pull back slightly so I am denied the pleasure I want so badly. I let out a sigh of disappointment and I can hear you chuckle to yourself behind me. You sound so far away yet I can feel you so close. I am not used to this position and the change excites me more than I could ever think it would.

After a few minutes of the teasing, you grab my hips and let your dick finally enter me. I let out a sigh of pleasure and then feel the disappointment of you only letting the very tip enter me. You start to repeat what you just did, each time getting a little deeper with each movement. The sensation of you entering a little bit deeper then withdrawing each time is beyond belief. I can feel you in a way I never have before and this position makes everything feel different and exciting.

Finally you enter me fully and my body rocks in rhythm with your thrusting to take as much of you inside me as I possibly can. I feel your hands leave my hips but you do not stop the slow deep thrusting that is driving me mad with pleasure.  I can now feel your fingers reach under and start to play with my clit.

Oh My God, the pleasure is almost unbearable, your fingers working miracles with my clit, as my pussy is filled with your dick sliding deep and sensually in and out of my pussy. The pleasure is almost unbelievable and it seems that you are everywhere, inside me, playing with my clit, touching my back, my breasts with all the feelings blurring amongst each other to where it feels like that you are somehow doing everything at once.

I feel my legs start to twitch, and I feel my whole body approaching orgasm. I try to stop myself from letting you know as I desperately don’t want you to change your rhythm, but my whole body starts to quiver and little moans and sharp breaths betray my building excitement.

Sensing this, you maintain the same rhythm, and fingering of my clit, yet you manage to lean over and let your hot breath blow across the back of neck and your other hand squeezes my nipple firmly, almost painfully.

These extra sensations are too much to bear and my whole body rocks as my orgasm explodes around my clit and in my pussy. I scream out with pleasure and feel the throbbing sensation of my orgasm ripple through every part of my body and I slump forward slightly forward and you slowly let your dick slide back out of me. I feel your dick sliding along the top of my arse as your rhythm increases I hear a deep moan and feel your hot cum spurt up along my back. I love the feel of it as it hits my skin with heat that is so welcome even on a hot day like today.

You hold me in place, not letting me move and I can feel you standing back up. I want to move, but somehow you manage to hold me in place with a firm hand letting me know not to move. I notice a used condom on the sand nearby and smile that you thought you needed to use one after all this time.

I hear your husky voice tell me now to roll over and lie down, you tell me that it is now your turn for some fun. I remove my blindfold to see you and to challenge you that surely what we just did was fun for you too.

As my eyes become accustomed to the light, I see you kneeling next to me with the cheekiest grin on your face that I have ever seen, and I notice a man walking away from us. I turn to look at you again, and noticing my gaze, you smile and again say, “Now it is my turn”

I look back at the man walking away and wonder, the thoughts and possibilities running through my mind making me surprisingly wet. I notice that you are hard again, and my mouth eagerly starts to draw in your dick deeper and deeper…….

My mind and body is running on adrenalin, I loved how you took control and pushed me to a different level sexually. I would definitely let you do it again.


Sex In The City

Sex and the City is an American romantic comedy television series created by Darren Star and produced by HBO. Broadcast from 1998 until 2004, the original run of the show had a total of 94 episodes. Throughout its six-year run, the show received contributions from various producers, writers and directors, perhaps most significantly from Michael Patrick King.

Set and filmed in New York City and based on the 1997 book of the same name by Candace Bushnell, the show follows the lives of a group of four women—three in their mid-thirties and one in her forties—who, despite their different natures and ever-changing sex lives, remain inseparable and confide in each other. Starring Sarah Jessica Parker (as Carrie Bradshaw), Kim Cattrall (as Samantha Jones), Kristin Davis (as Charlotte York), and Cynthia Nixon (as Miranda Hobbes), the quirky series had multiple continuing storylines that tackled relevant and modern social issues such as sexuality, safe sex, promiscuity and femininity,



Special Desert – November

Hey Gorgeous this is just a quick story for you, as I am sitting here thinking about having sex with you which has made me horny. I will have to finish the other story another time.

I do have a softer side, I’m not always so dominate.Lol

You say I can do anything to you and that I am holding back, and  that there is more to me… maybe so.

So from now on expect the unexpected.

But what you are about to read WILL become a reality.

We are sitting across from each other, glass of wine in hand, and our eyes meet across the table, I give you a mischievous smile and you give me that puzzled but excited look.

I stand up and walk behind your chair, sliding my hands down your chest, I lick the edge of your ear and softly kiss it, as I whisper…. “I have a special desert for you.”

I take you by the hand and lead you to the entrance to the living room. I stop in front of you and ask you to undress me, your eyes are full of lust and I can see your erection starting to strain against your jeans, eager to be released and be given the attention it needs. I stand naked in front of you, and I notice that my breathing is getting heavier as my body reacts to the feelings on want and lust if feel between us.

I take your hand once again and lead you to the centre of the room, where a chair has been positioned. I pick up a blind fold and gently put it on you. You’re still standing, and I silently walk around you, taking of your clothes, from different angles, so you’re not sure exactly where I am. I admire every inch of your sculpted body as I take piece by piece of clothing off your body, and tease you with the touch of my fingertips, running down your chest, back and legs. This gives you little shivers up and down your spine.

I tell you to “sit,”  “and put your hands behind you.”

I proceed to tie your hands together behind you with a silken rope, I pull the rope firm and then proceed to move the rope down so I can wrap it around your ankles and the chair legs so you can’t move.

I stand behind you, as i lean over you a little, my breasts just barely rubbing against your skin. You feel a hot but not a burning sensation on your shoulders, I start massaging your shoulders, chest and neck, with the warm oil that I poured on you from the candle that was burning.

A groan escapes the back of your throat, begging for more.  I tell you just “not yet you’re not ready”. I move around to the front of the chair, take your blind fold off. I want you to watch what I’m about to do.

I part your knees, so I can stand in between. I lock my eyes with yours. Bending down, I bring my face closer to yours, and almost kiss you, your lips part with anticipation of a kiss. I resist the urge to slap your face. You should know the rules.

I kneel down between your knees, stroking your throbbing cock with my hands, and as I lean down further, I put your hugely enlarged manhood near my mouth, and as my hair brushes against the tip of your groin, a gasp escapes your lips with anticipation of what is to come.

I gladly take your bulging dick into my mouth, you feel my hot mouth sliding over you and you squeeze your eyes shut and moan. You open your eyes wanting to watch your cock slide between my lips, I look up into your eyes as I start to take you deeper.

The head of your dick bumps the back of my throat as I take all of you in. I relax my throat so I can increase the pleasure of you in my mouth, your cock going that little bit further, causing a tightness just on the tip, which makes your balls ache for more.

“Oh fuck” you say.

Stop, Stop Stop you say, as you can’t take much more of me taking you so deep into my hot, wet mouth.

I look up at you with lust in my eyes and say in a soft voice, “let me suck you off, I want to taste you”

“Blondie” you say “you don’t have to do this”, your eyes betraying your desire for me to continue.

“I can, I will and I WANT to,” I whisper.

With your hands still tied behind your back you can’t protest too much.  I lean up and kiss your mouth, long, slow and sensual.  I move back down onto my knees and open my mouth and take you deepen my mouth, to the back of my throat. I keep my lips loose around your dick so that all you can feel is the thrust of your dick hitting the back of my throat. I vary the speed and depth that I take you in with, closing my lips tighter around you I swirl my tongue ever so lightly around the tip of you, teasing you with all of the sensations. Your body shudders slightly with the feel of the firmness of my lips, the touch of my tongue and the deepness of my throat.

I move my head away from your pulsing cock and tell you I love the feeling of having your warm dick in my mouth, and the feel of your building excitement matching my own desires. I can hear you softly begging me to untie you, but for now I have control and to your disappointment I simply refuse.

I slide you back into my mouth, you start to thrust your hips as much as you can while being tied up, trying to get deeper down my throat. I groan deeply from the back of my throat which sends a deep vibration from my mouth, through your delicious cock until it subtly ends with a slight stimulation of your aching balls.

I can feel you getting ready to explode, the taste of your pre cum is intense and exciting, and you say “Alicia, I’m going to cum”.

I look up, deep into your eyes, with the excitement obvious is my own eyes, and without stopping what I am doing, I subtly nod my head.

I close my lips around you a bit tighter, drag my teeth along your shaft and I slide my tongue back along you and you start to shake until I feel your cum squirting the back of my mouth. As I swallow, I take you deeper into my mouth so you feel the tip of your dick getting dragged down further into my throat letting you explode fully.

Smiling broadly, I stand, and straddle one leg, so you can get the delicate feel of my pussy lips, as I let them briefly rub against your thigh, and so you can also feel the heat from my own excitement. I lean forward, and tenderly kiss your neck as my erect nipples press against your chest.

Knowing full well that you are getting extremely frustrated with being tied up and not being able to do anything in return to me. Straddling your leg, I lower myself so that my smooth, moist pussy lips are softly grinding against your fine muscled thighs stimulating my clitoris with pressure and rhythmic motions. Teasing your cock with my fingers, hands and wet pussy lips, I soon bring your manhood to its impressive firmness and full erection once again. I smile to myself…. My turn now!

I get off you so I can untie you, I need the feel of your hands, your tongue and your dick all over me. I turn then to face you. I cup and squeeze my breasts and run my hands down my stomach, and slide my finger along my pussy lips. Before you can touch me.

I turn and bend over, moving my backside so you get just the slightest glimpse of my moist pussy from behind, I guide myself, backwards on to your lap, with my hands being supported by your knees, I gyrate my hips and cheeks in your groin teasing your cock at the opening of my now very wet pussy.  I take your hands and rub them up and down my chest, down over my stomach to my pussy and back up over my breasts finding my erect nipples ready for your touch .I groan with pleasure and I want so much more.

I turn around and straddle your legs and position your throbbing cock at the very edge of my pussy, ready to slide inside me. I flex my arse cheeks one at a time, so your cock is tossed from side to side, all the time aching for it to enter me.

I keep looking into your eyes at the same time I push myself down slightly, so you have now entered me… You groan with pleasure, as I move you deeper inside of me, I barely touch your lips with mine, and tease your tongue with my tongue.

Still moving up and down and slightly side to side. Flexing my pelvis, I force my pussy to grip your gorgeous cock tighter, letting myself feel the raw pleasure of the motion of your head moving inside me. I continue to ride you like this,

Changing my rhythm, building my own excitement as I feel your own excitement increase.

As I feel your cock starting to spasm and your breathing getting heavier, I press myself deeper down on you, taking your full length as far deep inside me as I possibly can and I run my fingers through your hair, pulling on it so you get just a bit if a sting on your scalp.

This sudden and unexpected hint of pain takes you past the point of no return. I can feel this in your body as your muscles start to twitch, and the sensation causes my body to match yours, building the rhythm and my own body now twitching in anticipation.

I know what I want, what I need, and I know I will have it. I kiss you deeply and passionately at the same time, causing your cock to start to spasm and I feel your cum explode into me, sending unmatched sensations of pleasure through me. My body starts to twitch and my own building orgasm reaches its peak and I climax with an intensity I’ve never felt before. Screaming out load, I let myself enjoy this massive orgasm and the feeling of you still inside me.

I open my eyes and see your smiling face and that cheeky look in your eyes, knowing that there will a next time, and next time I may even let you have some